This Place Bottoms Me

3D Video Animation, Loop, 2022
available with CALDOworldwide
Inspired by feminist science fiction writer Marge Piercy,  and her 1976 published novel “Women on the Edge of Time”.
In the novel, the main character Consuelo moves back and forth between her present-day reality and the future world of Mattapoisett. 
She begins to question the assumptions and values of her own society, particularly with regards to gender roles and relations. She becomes a key figure in the struggle to create a better future for all, and her experiences challenge the reader to rethink the possibilities for human society.
This Place Bottoms Me, follows a mystical structure, ever evolving into new shapes, through a gutter, that functions as a portal, deep into the underlying layers of a point cloud.
Exhibition view, HALLE 14 Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Credits: Dana Lorenz

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