Book Release: 

“Techne-Mythologies. Topophilia, Identity and Virtuality — the Attempt of Self-empowerment through World-Building” has just been released with Edizione Multicolore. The book includes and essay, that I wrote about playing computer games, the connection between people and the creation of their surroundings, my family and virtual worlds, and several artworks of which 5 I directly made for this publication.
Techne-Mythologies is now freshly printed and available with Edizione Multicolore and your local book shop.

Edizione Multicolore will present their vast collection of editions from the past years until today at MZIN, in Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig on 23.03.23 6pm! I will be joining with a public reading from the book.

Publisher: Edizione Multicolore
Design: Lion Sauterleute
Editorial and Proofreading: Lisa Schank, Ursula Dietsche
Translation: Anna Schüler
Print: KRAUTin Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-948304-16-4

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