Shevek Iyapo

2021 — ongoing

Lecture Performance

The lecture-performance "Shevek Iyapo" combines the perspectives of four different realities of life in Germany. The activist and author Berena Yogarajah deals with identities, solidarities and utopias. The poet Mati Shamoelof, born in Haifa, Israel, reflects in his current works on his family's migration from Baghdad to Israel as well as his experiences as an Arab Jew in Berlin. Working at the intersection of technology, science and visual arts, artist Vanessa A. Opoku and musician and activist Vincent Bababoutilabo address the sound of the Black Atlantic in their audiovisual compositions.
For Shevek Iyapo, the four invite the viewer to enter a sonic and visual space that opens up, at least temporarily, to visions.A perspective beyond social grievances thus becomes experienceable and surmountable.

Past performances:
HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
TRANSEUROPA, European Alternatives, Porto

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