Special Mention Re:Touch. Expanded Surfaces in Smartphone Photography

My work “Rooted Ressurgence” received a special mention from “ Re:Touch. Expanded Surfaces in Smartphone Photography“, metaLAB Harvard & FU Berlin .

“Digital imagery can be a bridge and a barrier of connectivity. By capturing a singular visual moment with a smartphone camera, the complexity of the analogue world may be lost, while reality itself is reconfigured as a pixelated landscape.
Representations are rendered through binary codes or generated by non-human agents and often disseminate established visual codes of power that reproduce biases such as race, class and gender.

At the same time users are more critically entangled with the production and display of these images than ever, as they are bound up in the continuous flow of, amongst others, social media feeds, mapping simulations and games.

We want to question how the smartphone give users the interfaces and tools needed for capturing moments while also allowing them to criticize and deviate from dominant forms of representation, unfolding a disruptive force through the performativity of expanded surfaces.”

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