Techne-Mythologies. Topophilia, Identity and Virtuality — An attempt of Self-Empowerment through World-Building

Artist Book
Publisher: Edizione Multicolore
ISBN: 978-3-948304-16-4
Techne-Mythologies is an artist book that includes an essay by Vanessa A. Opoku and several artworks, of which 5 were exclusively made for the publication. In the essay “Techne-Mythologies. Topophilia, Identity and Virtuality — the Attempt of Self-empowerment through World-Building” the artist reflects on playing computer games, the connection between people and the creation of their surroundings, her family and their history of migration, and virtual worlds as spaces of empowerment.
The essay and the artworks are weaved together by Lion Sauterleute's design, that outspokenly embraces the digital aesthetic.

Available at MZIN Leipzig and

Metaverses and Borderlands

Article/Feminist Tech Vision
In: Feminist Tech Principles, SUPERRR LAB
Feminist Tech is a set of work-in-progress guidelines for feminist tech policy-making and technology creation. The guidelines consist of 12 principles for feminist technology, which range from the intrapersonal to the global, and which are accompanied by a card deck and six essays envisioning more just technological futures.

This project is created by Superrr Lab and contributors of the Superrr Community. Superrr Lab develops visions and projects with the goal of creating more equitable futures. We research technologies, build networks and shape new narratives. Superrr is playful, visionary and feminist.

Körper - Kunst - Sexismus

Podium Discussion
in: POSITION 2022— Forum und Ausstellung; Berufsverband bildender Künstler*innen Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-930225-12-5
European cultural history is characterized by a millennia-old tradition of the suppression of the feminine, which is naturally also reflected in art traditions. A tradition of the male gaze on an exposed and highly sexualized female body, which in turn has manifested itself in numerous pictorial motifs, stands out particularly clearly. How do we deal with this cultural history? What possibilities of transgression does contemporary artistic engagement with it know?

Nichts Als Solide
(Nothing but Solid)

In: gute aussichten - new german photography 2021/2022
ISBN: 978-3-9819355
Children growing up in precarious circumstances (Tamara Eckhardt), young people playing war (Natalia Kepesz), threat and foreignness in one's own homeland (Vanessa A. Opoku), the pitfalls of foreign cultures (Zoyeon), the (un)culture of model home parks in Germany (Fiona Körner), 18 neat chapters of photography (Maximilian Gessler), pictorial testimonies through the marriage of analog and digital techniques (Alexander Kadow), the taming of the viral as well as volatile language of Internet memes by means of "Trojan horses" (Max Dauven) - the current award winners: inside move in their works along a timeline that embraces present, past, and future in equal measure.

Chapter I - Landscape

Ed.:  Anna Perepechai, Fabio Aranzulla, Felix Pacholleck, Julia Perkuhn, Tess Marschner
The publication "WHEN THE ATMOSPHERE IS LESS THAN PERFECT" is a collaborative project, gathering 26 artistic positions, resulting from several years of work on the Anthropocene.

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