A Performative Approach to a Fleshless Heritage

Concept & Performance: Aziza Bouizedkane, Aïsha Konaté, Isabelle Reimann, Svenja Wolff
Dramaturgy: Jasmin Jerat
Video Animations and Visuals: Vanessa A. Opoku
Costume: Lina Mayer
Stage: Eliza Goldox
Light Design: Iana Boitcova
Sound: Johannes Bode
Assistance:  Raha Emami Khansari
Documentation: Gernot Wöltjen / Doktales
Production: Svenja Wolff
What visible and invisible legacies do we carry around with us? An ivory tooth gives its future heiress and four performance artists cause to search for responsibility in a society whose colonial heritage still resides in museums, cellars and bodies.

A production by Bouizedkane/Jerat/Konaté/Reimann/Wolff in co-production with LOFFT - DAS THEATER and Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel.

Stills Visuals, based on Super8 Footage from Erich Reimann
3D Animation,

Documentation, Performance at LOFFT - DAS THEATER, October 2022

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