Chapter I — Landscape


Video Animation, 7:45min

In collaboration with Lion Sauterleute.

And then there are memories. They are flashbacks of a flood, a crisis whose unfolding is unknown. Nature, ultimately, does not care about crises. It is the landscape we have shaped and see as our existential foundation.
The work "Chapter I - Landscape" is based on a 3D scan of seaweed growing on a rock on the Dutch coast of Zeeland. The original site may be underwater in the next 30 years due to controlled flooding. The protagonist examines this fragment from the point of view of a future archaeologist.

Her speaker position is determined by a text from the point of view of the 25th clone of a human from Michel Houellebecq's novel "The Possibility of an Island". An artificial intelligence was then trained on the text, edited, and set to music. Binaural sounds complete the composition. The work provides insight into a future that engages with the present.

What stories can elements of a landscape tell? What do they say about people and their understanding of nature and landscape? If the end of the world, as we understand it, has already happened, it might be easier to respond to crises.

This work was realized with the support of FIBER. It was part of the 2019 Cartographies of the Vanishing Now Lab.

Exhibition view FIBER Festival Amsterdam

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